Champion Home Inspections LLC

Choosing the Right Home Inspection:

Most residential homes, 3 bed 2 bath, or 4 bed 2 bath, that are either wood frame, block, or manufactured home, can be inspected starting at $249.00  Additional fees are required for two story homes, termite inspections, and mold inspections.  Out-buildings, spas and pools also have a small additional fee.

Typical Buyers Home Inspection:

Four Point Home Inspection:

This inspection is often called an insurance inspection.   It is usually required by insurance companies because of storms, especially hurricanes.  The Four Point Home Inspection covers the following areas four systems:

  1. A Roof Inspection
  2. An Electrical Inspection
  3. HVAC Systems
  4. The Plumbing System

The above components must be working with the manufacturer’s specifications.  Older homes may have show that these systems have been updated.  Often times insurance forms must be completed by a licensed Home Inspector.  Champion Home Inspection has electronic forms that can be submitted to most insurance companies.  These forms are more detailed than the standard home inspection report.


New Home Inspection:

If you want to make sure that construction is being done correctly, a New Home Inspection can give you the peace of mind, knowing that you are getting what you paid for.  According to a 2004 report published by Realty Times, about 15% of all new homes have serious defects that are not usually detected in the first year.  The New Home Inspection gives you the peace of mind in knowing your home is being built properly.  Stage construction, final walk-through, and the builders warranty inspection are all available through Champion Home Inspections.  Prices vary by specifications.  Please call for prices.  

Pools and Spas:

If you want a pool/spa inspection without a home inspection the cost is $250.00  When a pool/spa inspection is performed with a home inspection the cost is $75.00  Other additional inspections can include things like fountains and ponds.  These are priced by the particular structure.

Warranty Home Inspection:

Pre-Closing Walk Through Home Inspection:

Indoor Air Quality Sampling:

Insurance Home Inspections:

When your home is approaching its one year anniversary, it is time for a warranty home inspection. All of the major systems are inspected on the entire house. The primary difference between a Warranty Home Inspection and a Typical Buyer's Home Inspection is that the appliances are not checked in a Warranty Home Inspection. Chances are that if you have lived in the house for nearly a year, you probably don't need anyone to tell you that the microwave doesn't work. The focus is on things that you wouldn't necessarily be aware of. You will receive a report just as you did on your original home inspection.

We have all heard the stories.  Sometimes a home will be left with a problem that was not there on the day of the home inspection.  Sometimes damage occurs as the seller quickly moves, or maybe a problem develops related to an empty house.  A pre-closing walk through home inspection helps you notice any of these problems and I will also be able to help you figure out the best way to resolve any of these issues.

Indoor air quality issues can include mold, radon, lead, biological or natural issues, carbon monoxide, and a host of chemicals.  Home Inspectors with special training on indoor air inspections are capable of discovering problems that others might overlook.


Please see the Four Point Home Inspection.